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Jim Kirk reacting to insults.

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no but the last one. when he just agrees. i love pike, but this scene made me hate him a little. 

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Tom’s smolder singing

Tom rocking out lol!

Tom waving to the crowd he killed me lol!

Tom sounds great he will be so good in this role!

Tom & Rodney on stage together were awesome!

Tom at wheatland

Some more pics of Tom Hiddleston at wheatland coming up I’ll start with this one lol!

here’s another one I love how he is looking at his guitar lol!

He was having so much fun :)

Tom and Rodney Tom is such a gentleman :)

Tom smiling like crazy lol! :)

Tom taking a bow

He’s very concentrated lol!

Tom with one of the guitarists

Tom at wheatland I am running out of things to say about how amazing this man is lol!

Another pic for you guys!

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